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KOBUS OPPERMAN is the principal director and founder of Change Management Facilitation (Pty) Ltd. He is generally regarded as one of South Africa's most experienced experts in the area of institutionalised employee participation and social transformation systems. He acts as advisor and neutral, external facilitator to both management and unions in different sectors of the industry and has lectured at various South African business schools.

Kobus has extensive experience in the fields of employee relations (and in particular institutionalised employee/stakeholder participation in corporate decision-making) as well as social transformation systems and processes.

As an expert in change management facilitation, he specialises in the development and implementation of consensus and relationship building processes, group process facilitation, process planning, the introduction of new technology and managing technological changes, values internalisation and all aspects of participatory and transformation management systems.

Ad hoc facilitation of specific projects such as change management in general, organisational values, mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, strategic planning, restructuring and so on are also often undertaken.

Kobus has been lecturing on leadership, interest-based negotiation, strategic Human Resource management and corporate governance at the Business Schools of Wits and Stellenbosch Universities.

He internationally conducts advanced training in consensus-building skills, mutual gains (interest-based) negotiations and alternate dispute resolution. Some of his recent international assignments in this regard were in the Netherlands, Belgium, the République Démocratique du Congo, Namibia, Tanzania, Botswana and in Egypt. Kobus is a partner of the international Dutch company PeoplePlus Human Development.

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